My Story

I was a typical modern day woman trying to juggle all the complicated facets of life. I had accepted that life with stress and anxiety was the norm, until my anxiety finally reached a point that it became unmanageable. There were so many times that I felt like I just wanted to crawl into a cocoon. 

I first explored all of the common first-line treatments and modalities for what I was experiencing. I then pored through books and articles to learn as much as I could about alternative ways to mitigate the pervasive stress and anxiety. I discovered study upon study about the positive effects of hugging, as well as the therapeutic benefits of weighted pressure on the body.

Drawing on my personal struggles and my professional background in fashion, I developed the Therarobe.  I created it initially as a personal solution to get through those really tough days.

When I shared my robe with others, I was amazed at their overwhelming reactions. I realized how many people were suffering and desperately looking for solutions. 

Therarobe is where wellness meets luxury. Therarobe is engineered to help alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety by simulating the feeling of a hug. The science-based weighted design offers a holistic antidote to everyday stress. The soothing plush fabric envelops you and provides immediate relief and relaxation.

While we all have different lifestyles and sources of stress, the effects of anxiety can be painful and debilitating to all. At Therarobe we understand and we want to help. While we can’t make all the stress disappear for good, we hope we can make it a little better.  

We can always use a hug. Therarobe is the gift of relaxation that you can give yourself anywhere, anytime.

Wrap yourself in calm.
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