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This is something that in the special needs community people have known for decades that weighted items, like a weighted blanket, can bring a lot of comfort. There is something called a Therarobe. It’s a Weighted Robe… and I’m obsessed with it! ~Yahoo Life

Mayim Bialik
Neuroscientist and Actress

Feelings of calmness and security

The wrapped cocooning design of the Therarobe simulates a hug and helps provide feelings of calmness and security. I would recommend the Therarobe to my patients struggling with stress and anxiety. It could be a beneficial addition to many during their therapy sessions.

Neal C. Goldberg, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Long Island, NY

Significantly reduce anxiety

The deep touch stimulation that the Therarobe provides can significantly reduce anxiety. It is a great addition to Psychotherapy and other modalities of treatment. I would definitely recommend Therarobe to my patients.

Jeff Paley MD
Internist, New York, NY

Pleasant and comfortable experience

Many of our patients who suffer from dental anxiety delay their visits to our office only to make their dental work more complicated. Some patients may even require medications for anxiety reduction before procedures. I believe that many anxious patients will benefit from the Therarobe by making the dental visit into a more pleasant and comfortable experience. I also look forward to the development of many more natural solutions in helping to avoid the usage of unnecessary prescription medication.

Sol Schwartzstein DDS
Periodontist, New York, NY

Helping people lower their anxiety

Therarobe is a great natural solution for helping people lower their anxiety. Many of my patients experience anxiety when coming for dental visits. The weighted pressure of the Therarobe can aid in calming patients and helping them feel more relaxed during their visits.
Dr. Ron Kaminer DDS

Recommend Therarobe to my patients

The cocooning design of the Therarobe gives the feeling of a hug, providing a feeling of calm and security.  I would recommend the Therarobe to patients as an adjunct to conventional treatments for those suffering from anxiety or depression.  It could be a helpful addition to other treatments.
Halana Rothbort, MD

Promote relaxation, and support healthier sleep

A weighted blanket or weighted robe can be a useful tool in helping individuals control excessively high energy levels or help maintain a regulated nervous system. Many people have a hard time relaxing their bodies after a busy day. The Therarobe can provide calming input, which helps organize the body’s nervous system to promote relaxation, and support healthier sleep patterns, as well as support and maintain calm during daily activities.

Andrea Scechter
Occupational Therapist

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